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I am a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of California Irvine, spending three years in this lovely region as part of an Israel Institute Teaching Fellowship.

My research centers around violent social mobilization and collective action. Specifically, I explore the dynamic interaction between groups and their surrounding environment, analyzing how these drive groups to adopt new ideological perceptions and tracing how these perceptions  lead to the use of different violent and non-violent actions. Project I've completed focused on differences between international secular and religious terrorism, the emergence of grassroots violence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, minority mobilization in Israel, and the rise of international xenophobic White Power terrorism. I have also recently written about Israel's process of democratic backsliding, specifically how such developments will influence the Israeli-Palestinian arena. 

Since October 2023 I also publish daily briefings on the Israel-Hamas War, discussing the development of the war and its trajectories. 

I completed my PhD in Political Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2021. My dissertation, analyzing religionization and secularization processes violent groups undergo in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and comparatively, won the Mark Juergensmeyer Best Dissertation in Religion and International Relations Award of the International Studies Association (ISA), and received an honorable mention in the Aaron Wildavsky Best Dissertation in Religion and Politics Award of the American Political Science Association (APSA).

Feel free to roam around and check out my various publications, projects, data collections, and guest lectures / media appearances.

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